Information Security Education (Small Businesses Series)

When it comes to information security, small businesses, are just as much if not even more vulnerable to cyber threats than big companies.
The main reason for the exploitation of small businesses is the lack of resources and the lack of knowledge on how to handle cybersecurity. Small companies, especially sole-proprietorships and mom and pop businesses, often lack the budget that would be necessary to protect their companies. To overcome this obstacle, small-business owners have to educate themselves, deploy cybersecurity technologies, and use awareness training own their own.

The following series will provide the necessary guidance to establish cybersecurity measures and awareness training within a small business setting.

The fundamentals of information security

  • Attitude
  • Principles of risk management
  • Technical knowledge
  • Awareness training

Let’s see these one by one.


How we approach information security has a lot to do with our attitude. Having a positive attitude towards information security is a crucial step. It is often a problem even in larger organizations that there is a negative attitude towards information security. The mentality that “this will never happen to us” is also very pervasive. We must realize that protecting our business and our business assets is a must.

Reasons for security:

  • A ransomware attack can put a small organization out of business
  • Regulations may require us to have certain IT security measures in place
  • Having information security in place could elevate consumer trust, leading to increased revenues

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