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Information Security Education (Small Businesses Series)

When it comes to information security, small businesses, are just as much if not even more vulnerable to cyber threats than big companies.
The main reason for the exploitation of small businesses is the lack of resources and the lack of knowledge on how to handle cybersecurity. Small companies, especially sole-proprietorships and mom and pop businesses, often lack the budget that would be necessary to protect their companies. To overcome this obstacle, small-business owners have to educate themselves, deploy cybersecurity technologies, and use awareness training own their own.

The following series will provide the necessary guidance to establish cybersecurity measures and awareness training within a small business setting.

The fundamentals of information security

  • Attitude
  • Principles of risk management
  • Technical knowledge
  • Awareness training

Let’s see these one by one.


How we approach information security has a lot to do with our attitude. Having a positive attitude towards information security is a crucial step. It is often a problem even in larger organizations that there is a negative attitude towards information security. The mentality that “this will never happen to us” is also very pervasive. We must realize that protecting our business and our business assets is a must.

Reasons for security:

  • A ransomware attack can put a small organization out of business
  • Regulations may require us to have certain IT security measures in place
  • Having information security in place could elevate consumer trust, leading to increased revenues

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What We Offer

GDPR Consulting

GDPR Consulting

Compliance can be challenging. With GDPR Consulting an organization can discover the regulation's applicability to its processes, prepare data assets and internal policies, learn about the must-have technical requirements and documentation.

Fees starting at $149

Information Security

Security & Privacy Consulting

IT Security and Privacy are important aspects of a business. Learn about the possible solutions that could fit within your IT environment. Learn to mitigate theft, accidental disclosures, viruses, malicious hacking and necessary compliance with regulations.

Fees starting at $149

Training & Awareness

Training & Awareness

Functional training and awareness courses to elevate employees' understanding, compliance and adherence to security and privacy measures.

Fees starting at $257/hr

Fees starting at $149

Fees starting at $149

Fees starting at $257/hr

Why Us?

The importance of IT Security in today’s business environment is no longer a question. Well placed security solutions could elevate productivity, convenience, provide advantages over the competition, and most importantly could lead to increased profits by mitigating unnecessary losses.
Therefore, we deliver guidance that are…


We specialize in cost-effective solutions keeping in mind what the business needs, and what the allocated budget is. When open source applications are available, we will recommend them considering their applicability and their security.


We place thought into what we offer. We customize all IT solutions to the size, type, and to the overall goal of the business. When it’s applicable, we use solutions, that has a higher chance of employee compliance, usability, and productive output. From the many available solutions, we will always recommend the best fitting that is also the most cost permissive.

About Us

Willworth International is a small business IT Consulting firm that provides services to clients locally and on the international level. We are a US-based company located in the Greater Atlanta area of Georgia.
Our goal is to elevate the IT Security capabilities of businesses and to provide needed Information Security via a business to business partnership.

We recognize the need for IT Security Consulting as compliance and data protection needs are a growing concern for all businesses. We understand that small and newly established businesses may be at a disadvantage compared to larger businesses when it comes to finding the right security solutions and to achieve the required compliance. Our services are good fit for larger business as well  as compliance and security guidance solutions are  often better delivered and received on a periodic contractual basis.
We are confident that our background in Security and Privacy will be a great benefit for your organization regardless of its size and maturity.

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